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Dee Mudhir
Navigating my way through this lecture of self-consciousness, with an afternoon break of self-confidence and a tutorial on self-belief.

Well it’s much simpler than you think

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People always surround motivation with this idea that it’s more of a special power, that only a select few in society have access to it.

They look at high achievers and glance with awe on how they’re always on job and smashing what they’re doing. It’s become this idea that the key to success is through motivation, if you don’t achieve your goal its because you didn’t have the motivation to keep going. If you didn’t go to the gym, it’s because of your lack of motivation.

Now I must admit that most…

I don't think I have all the answers, far from it. However, If there is something that I have learnt over the last couple years of heavy self-development its how to get things done.

This took many attempts and failures at many things, figuring out what works for me, what doesn't, finding out what I’m good at and what needs improvement.

Throughout the whole process, I noticed something about me change which I didn't focus on or even expect to change.

My ability to try.

I had become this person that stopped thinking about how people would view me, or…

with these 3 tactics

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Communication is something that is so essential in our lives that we barely take time to look at it like a skill we should cultivate.

We use it to buy our coffee, speak to our family and friends and try to convince customers to buy our product.

To give you insight, I work in sales so my day consist of communicating with all types of people and I’ve been doing it for nearly 10 years.

Imagine if we solely focused on improving our communication, how much impact that would have on our professional and personal lives…

& why you should or shouldn’t do it

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Coding is not for everyone, I learnt this when I first attempted to learn how to code.

I was so confident that I was going to learn how to develop an application that nothing was going to stop me. I bought my Udemy course, pilled up the coffee and grabbed my beats headphones and every day I had a crack at it.

I got through the basics and developed my first 2 mock applications — My goal was to be invited to WWDC by apple as a new developer (you can tell…

How I handle fear and how it has helped me grow every single day!

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I never really understood how crippling or limiting fear can be. When you have overcome something you actually forget what it was like going through it, or dealing with it.

Thats why I want to quickly speak about fear and how iI was forced into handling fear to move forward in life.

Growing up in my environment, whenever you fear to do something it meant you were p***y. If you were scared to bunk lesson — you’re a p***y. If you’re scared to speak to the…

A Simple, quick but effective way to get yourself in the right headspace!

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Why set Goals?

Why not? setting goals give you a clear direction and sense of purpose when it comes to the things you want to achieve in life.

I know what you’ve probably heard something along the lines of… “There is no point setting a new years goal because in a month you’ll probably forget about them” which to some extent is true. But I don’t think that’s the ‘goals’ problem, I think that it’s the way we set the goals which is the problem.

As people we change so…

Tops Tips,Career Switch, Do’s & Dont’s, mood settings

So to give you some insight, I work in corporate sales and coding is something that I have always dabbled in. It’s not something I decided to just pick up because of the COVID-19 situation, but it is also something I have begun to take more serious due to COVID-19.

It started a couple of years ago for me I have always wanted to build an App, I had so many ideas and I was convinced that one of them would change the world aha (still do!). So I decided that I…

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Most of the time we feel like no progress is better than a little progress.

We feel like whats the point of going running for just 1 day a week, or writing a blog a week, or working out 2 times a week. We feel like we either have to go 100% or not go at all. Now this applies to some things, however in general with anything that we want to do, starting small is always the best way to go.

Let me ask you a question, when a mountain climber wants to climb the Everest, he has a target for the peak however he breaks it down to small biteable sections for him…

How to start and continue doing the things you want to do…

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Let’s be honest, we all love to do it. A new idea pops up in our mind, something we want to start to do. It could be starting a new blog, going to the gym, writing a book or learning new skills. We get excited at the fact of starting it, we envision it and it gets us pumped to get going. That is normally where the journey begins, as a somewhat creative it happens to me all the time. …

knowing you have so much time on your hands!

Look, we all procrastinate in some shape of form and we will most likely continue to do it for the rest of our lives. It’s a natural human nature, however, the only thing we can control about it is how much we procrastinate.

When it comes to my brain it sometimes does what it wants. I’ll be so motivated and pumped to get something done, but when it comes to it my mind would disappear into a daydream or something. So it made me wonder why do we procrastinate like this…

Dee Mudhir

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